013: little things

Harry: You've been jamming out on your guitar all day, your fingers are almost raw. Harry's been in and out all day. When Harry gets home for good, you put it to rest, wanting to spend time with him. He wraps his arms around you and kisses you hello. You snuggle into his warm, comforting hold. He smiles, tightening his arms. Ever so quietly he whispers "Never quit the music."
Liam: You're peeling a grapefruit next to Liam. He smiles at you, a look of anticipation in his eyes. "What?" you ask. "Nothing." He replies with an all too knowing smile. It's ready to eat, and you bite into it, trying to be as discreet as possible but knowing that's a hard thing to do with this fruit in particular. As the juice comes running down your chin, Liam bursts into laughter and says "I fucking love you."
Louis: You're sitting on the couch in your flat, crying because you got a speeding ticket. Louis walks in the door, instantly comes to your side and asks "What's wrong my love?" Your short of breath from crying, so in between each sob you say "I. Got. A. Speeding. Ticket. Again." which starts your hysteria all over again. He looks at you, falling in love a little more, and tries to contain his smile.
Niall: It's two in the morning and you and Niall have stayed up late talking. You're telling him about you're past, trying to be as open as possible, but he's making it hard. He keeps grinning. Normally you'd find it cute, but considering the topic you're beginning to get irritated. "Is there something wrong?" you ask him, a little pissy. He lets his smile erupt on his face. "Shit, I was trying not grin, but ya caught me. It's just, you always do that thing with your cheek when your really thinking about something, when you're really trying to find the right words with me. I've grown to love it." He says. Between the words and his cute Irish accent, you almost melt.
Zayn: You crawl out of bed. It's six in the morning and you have to get up to leave for London with Zayn. As you walk into the kitchen with a scowl on your face, you see Zayn sitting there with a smile on his face and a bowl of cereal in his hands. "Good morning, beautiful" He says. He's too chipper for 6 A.M., you think to yourself. You grumble a reply that doesn't make all that much sense. He stands up, walks over and embraces you in hug, pulls back the messy strands of hair from your face. "You're so ravishing in the morning." You look at him with hate in your eyes. He's so full of bullshit. "It's probably why I love you so much."
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